Quick loans for school layette with long repayment period

After checking the comparison of quick loans on our website, you can easily see that the vast majority of online loans have a repayment period not exceeding 30 days. In turn, many installment loans have a repayment period of not less than three months.

This situation results in the emergence of a market gap in loans for a period of 35 days – 70 days

credit cash loan

Fortunately, lenders are increasingly offering moments with this non-standard repayment period. For people who want to pay back funds after 60 days, for example, we looked for the most interesting online moments with a repayment period longer than a month. Three companies borrow money for free, and Circle Credit only charges 10 dollars.

From the point of view of people who need a loan, cost is a key issue. Therefore, as part of our search for loans with a repayment period of more than 30 days, we focused on offers at very low or zero cost for new customers.

The table below provides more detailed information on four such loans

The table below provides more detailed information on four such loans

In three cases, we are dealing with free moments for new customers. A promotional offer currently has:

  • Fast Lend (free loan from USD 100 to USD 2,500 for 5 days – 45 days)
  • Extra Lend (free loan from USD 100 to USD 2,000 for 5 days – 45 days)
  • Cash Lend (free loan from 100 dollars to 6000 dollars for 1 day – 30 days and 60 days – 65 days – up to 30 days for new customers)

As you can see, Cash Lend provides longer repayment periods (over 30 days) only for people who have returned at least one loan. This inconvenience, however, can compensate for the very high limit of free moment for new customers – up to 6000 USD. No other company is currently lending such a large amount for free.

The Circle Credit offer also deserves attention

This well-known and proven lender is still continuing its promotion for new clients. As part of the first one-off loan from Circle Credit, you can receive funds (USD 50 – USD 1,500) for a period of up to 60 days. Even in the case of a two-month repayment period, the total cost of the loan is reduced to symbolic USD 10. It is worth mentioning that under the second and subsequent one-off loans (without installments), the Circle Credit.pl customer will receive up to USD 2,500. Learn more »

Online loans with a repayment period of more than 30 days (August 2017)

Name of loan Repayment period available
Fast Lend
Quick Loan
5 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 25 days,
30 days, 35 days, 40 days and 45 days
Extra Lend
The loan
5 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 25 days,
30 days, 35 days, 40 days and 45 days
Quick Cash
The loan
from 1 day to 30 days and from 60 days to 65 days
(up to 30 days for new customers)
Circle Credit
One-time loan
from 1 day to 60 days


With a three-month repayment period, the choice of loans is already large

With a three-month repayment period, the choice of loans is already large

When referring to the information in the table above, it is worth mentioning that the selection of available loans significantly increases for the three-month repayment period.

A person preferring such a quarterly repayment period will no longer be able to choose typical moments. After extending the acceptable repayment period to three months, a customer looking for cash can choose, among others.

You also can’t forget about the Super Cash brand, which shortened the minimum repayment period of the installment loan to two months.

Super Lend is also characterized by a competitive level of costs, the possibility of paying off the loan for up to 4 years and a wide range of borrowed amount (from USD 1,000 to USD 10,000). 

Which loan suits me best?


To know which loan is ideal, it is important to define the use that will be given to the money. This will depend on the type of loan to be requested and the specific entity where to apply. If you have asked yourself the question “which loan suits me best?”, This post is of interest to you.

How to know which loan suits me best?

How to know which loan suits me best?

Loans are a good option to buy the car of your dreams, make a desired trip, take a master’s degree, or just to get out of trouble. Currently the loan market is very large, so it is recommended to examine all possible options. Below we show an example of the options that exist to acquire a car through a loan.

If you are going to apply for a loan to buy a car, consider these three options of lenders:

1- Car dealer

The loan option offered at the dealership itself can become very basic. This is due to the added value they offer and are the additional services. An example of this would be: maintenance services and all-risk insurance, among others. Many people opt for this type of loan for additional services, and not for loan benefits.

2- Online Loans

This type of loan fits very well to the needs of each client, since it has a wide range of options. The loans that are in the market are around USD 10,000 to USD 100,000, which facilitates the purchase of virtually any car model. On the other hand, this option is of interest to those who want to take out insurance on their own, and do not want additional maintenance when buying a car.

3- Bank loans or credits

The most classic way to request money is through a bank. In banks you can find specific loans for the purchase of vehicles, and sometimes dealers offer specific loans from banks, the latter thanks to agreements that exist between the two. In this option, the amount of loan money is conditioned by the limit offered by the bank.

Factors that determine the ideal loan

Factors that determine the ideal loan

There are some factors that should be considered when applying for a loan, the main ones to evaluate are TIN, APR and payment time.

The TIN is the nominal interest rate, which indicates the interest that must be paid at the end of each year. For its part TAE is the effective annual rate, this is responsible for including the nominal interest rate, commissions and the term of the operation, that is, all the expenses of the loan. It is important to look at these two factors, especially the APR, since it is the one that has the greatest influence on the general expenses of the loan.

On the other hand, payment time is a determining factor depending on the term chosen. When the term is longer, it ends up paying much more money than requested. Therefore, at Ideal Loans, we always evaluate the best options to help you answer the question, which loan suits me best?

Are the loans deductible?

There are many people who do not know how loans work in accounting. There are even those who have not yet found an answer to the question “are the loans deductible?”. Therefore, this article will try to answer this question.

If someone has financial products and the income declaration campaign is approaching, it is interesting to know what expenses will be deducted to pay as little as possible in the IRPF.

Are the loans deductible?

Are the loans deductible?

It is usually not possible to deduct the expenses of a loan since it is a financial product that does not increase capital nor is it an income for income. Therefore, there is no obligation to declare it. However, there are some exceptions in which it will be possible to deduct both interest and commission costs. In case that money is used for a purpose included in the legislative framework as the following:

A loan dedicated to improving real estate capital, such as regular home repairs.

A loan contracted for the acquisition of a habitual home in the form of a mortgage. (Although not deductible if purchased after January 1, 2013).

In general terms, mortgage loans or any loan to make reforms may be deducted in the income tax return. The maximum amount to be deducted is 9040 dollars and it will be necessary to fill in boxes 502 and 501 with the amounts to be deducted.

Therefore, as can be seen, it will only be possible to deduct a loan associated with a habitual residence. Always taking into account the above circumstances and knowing that for a second residence it is not possible to deduct any amount.

Avoid surprises

Avoid surprises

If you do not want to have surprises, it is necessary to take into account that the interests of personal loans are not deductible in the income statement. However, it is advisable to review the legislation in force at the time it is needed. Since it is updated with relative frequency. In case of doubt, it is best to go to a legal advisor or an office of the Tax Agency.

If at the time of making the declaration goes out to pay, you can always choose several options:

Split the payment into several installments.

Request a loan to be able to pay the payment without the accounts of that month being unpaid.

So are the loan deductible? To answer this question, it must be taken into account that personal loans will not be deducted. In case of applying for a mortgage loan, a series of requirements must be met; among them that the house is the usual and not a second or third residence. Are you looking for financing? In Good Credit Loans, you can compare the best offers of financing online.

What loans can be requested while in debtors list?

What loans can be requested while debtors list? It is a recurring question. These acronyms refer to the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions, which is responsible for preparing files on individuals and companies in default or debt. In this post we want to answer this question and share some options for people who appear debtors list.

What loans can be requested while debtors list?

What loans can be requested while debtors list ?

The difficulty in requesting a loan while in the debtor affects the risk involved. By appearing as a delinquent, most lenders are not going to want to lend money. This is something very logical, since for them the possibilities of not complying with the payments may be unacceptable. Banks collate the archives of this association to approve or not the loans they grant.

Certainly, most banks do not choose to finance loans to people who are on delinquent lists. In addition, debtor sends notifications to interested parties so that they know they have been included in their files. Given this, debts can be paid to this association, and thus leave the records. Another option is to state the reasons and the evidence that justify the fact that you should not appear as delinquent.

However, there is the possibility of applying for loans being included in the debtor lists. The only two possibilities that an individual or a company would have in these circumstances is to request a micro loan or a short loan. In addition, there would be some requirements to do so.

Requirements to apply for loans while debtors list

Requirements to apply for loans while  debtors list

The first is to accept low fees, if they are high they will have to be guaranteed. On the other hand, they can also force the reimbursement through a single or short-term fee. Although if the amount to be lent is large, it is possible to negotiate a longer term. Finally, the interests are not usually too high and demanding assessments do not apply.

Additionally, it will be necessary to provide certain documents that support the payment of the new loans. The main requirements are the identity document (DNI), last payrolls, if you don’t have it, you can count on a guarantor. Or also, demonstrate that there is a frequent income to get a loan while debtors list.

In short, the question, what loans can be requested while debtors list?It has an answer: micro loans and short-term loans. The risk of default is what moves banks and some companies to not lend their money. But if you qualify, you can request one of these financial products. And so in this way to face some specific difficulty that is occurring. In Ideal Loans you can compare and find financing by being on the debtor lists.

Business loans: do you know how to acquire an excellent one?

Getting loans for companies does not have to be a headache for those who are still small and want to invest in business.

Through peer-to-peer platforms – also known as P2P – entrepreneurs have access to cheaper, less bureaucratic and fully digital lines of credit.

Never heard of this type of loan and want to know how it works? So, follow a step by step to learn how to achieve these lines and leverage your business!

What is the P2P loan?

What is the P2P loan?

The peer-to-peer loan is a type of credit offering in which a platform offers an online channel to facilitate contact between those who want to invest and the legal entities that need money.

Through these sites, investors grant loans to companies and, thus, they can diversify and enhance their investments. In return, entrepreneurs gain by having financial resources available with lower interest rates and less bureaucracy. In other words: the opposite of what happens in large banks.

How to obtain business loans?

How to obtain business loans?

To ensure the security of both sides, however, access to credit does not happen overnight.

To obtain business loans over the internet, borrowers must register on online platforms and undergo a credit analysis to assess the risk offered to investors.

If approved, the companies request the desired credit from the applicators also registered on the website. In this way, the loan application will be exposed to all the people who make up the base of the credit service, who will decide who will grant the money.

Therefore, since peer-to-peer is a type of collaborative loan, it happens that more than one person can provide part of the amount required by entrepreneurs.

Therefore, only after reaching 100% will you be able to withdraw the amount earned.

What are the advantages of the P2P loan?

What are the advantages of the P2P loan?

As we said earlier, the P2P loan is collaborative and does not require intermediaries. For this reason, the online platforms that have this service eliminate the high interest charged by banks, which are represented by the bank spread – that is, the difference between the costs of the operation and the amounts paid by the borrowers.

The fact that credit is granted only in the virtual environment also reduces expenses with personnel and physical structure of traditional institutions. As a result, investors have bigger gains and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs pay interest below those charged by the market.

Another practical result of peer-to-peer is the reduction of bureaucracy, since the time for approval of the loan and the capture of credit is shorter, without in many cases there being the obligation to present guarantees to have access to the lines.

Business loans with convenience

Business loans with convenience

And that’s not counting on convenience. After all, it is much better to do everything over the internet instead of going to a bank branch thousands of times, isn’t it?

Do you want to go deeper into the topic and learn how to obtain loans for companies that are more advantageous for your business? Then access the post with the answers to the main questions about the sport!

What loans are not paid in December?

There are a few days left until Christmas arrives and many people are already thinking about how to deal with the extra expenses on these special dates. Financing becomes essential in times of need.

For this reason, it is important to know the trends in financing costs during the last months of the year. What loans are not paid in December? What is really in that? The answer, below.

What loans are not paid in December? Myths and realities

What loans are not paid in December? Myths and realities

Loans can be, without the right advice, complex to understand. Most people have no knowledge of this topic. In addition, there is usually small print in contracts.

The explanation of why December is a month other than the rest is key to start the holidays with greater peace of mind.

It is well known that December is a month in which the average APR of consumer loans is among the lowest of the year. In the last 5 years, this has been so more or less constant. According to several financial studies based on data from the Bank of Spain, during the last years, December was the month with the cheapest average interest. Then, June is the month where it is cheaper to apply for consumer benefits.

Reasons why now is a good time to ask for funding

Reasons why now is a good time to ask for funding

One of the reasons why it is a good time is that financial institutions have not reached sales targets. Upon reaching the last month of the year without fulfilling them, they need to lower interest to increase their volume of concessions. For this reason, they offer numerous discounts to reach the amount they need and meet their annual objectives.

As for mortgages, this year is being exceptional. The Lite Lender has stabilized at record lows; which will allow families greater ease of access to a home.

December 2019, a special month

However, this last year has been special. Leaving aside financial reports on personal loans and analyzing the recent jurisprudence on mortgages. Through the last ruling of the Supreme Court on the Tax of Documented Legal Acts; Banks could change their vision regarding their loan rebates.

It is more than likely due to the ruling of the Supreme Court; Financial institutions increase the costs of personal loans instead of lowering them, as has been the case in recent years. This year, the month of December may not comply with this historical trend of lower interest rates.

The answer to which loans are not paid in December. It is credited that December is a month in which sales increase; Therefore, it is the best month to offer financing conditions offers. In Good Credit Loans, you can compare different loan options to get the best deals that you have in December.

Peer-to-peer and small businesses: good credit option for expansion!

One of the great challenges of a small company, especially when it is preparing to expand its activities, is to obtain credit for expansion in the traditional market.

Faced with this difficulty, new types of lending have emerged – and peer-to-peer is one of them. Currently, there are platforms that unite peer-to-peer and small businesses, enabling the ease of financial business.

If you are thinking about expanding your company and still don’t know how to get the investment for it, stay tuned to the valuable information that we will give in this post.

What is peer-to-peer?

What is peer-to-peer?

Peer-to-peer (or P2P) is a type of financing that has recently emerged and its main characteristic is direct negotiation between investors and entrepreneurs, without the need for a bank.

The main attraction of this modality is the lower interest rates. In addition, without going through banking institutions, the process is much less bureaucratic.

On the other hand, for the investor, the financial return is greater and faster. Through peer-to-peer platforms, it is possible to obtain profitability on a monthly basis.

How is the relationship between peer-to-peer and small businesses?

How is the relationship between peer-to-peer and small businesses?

P2P is a line most used by small businesses. This happens due to the characteristic of this type of company when it needs capital for expansion, since it is unable to pay very high interest rates or cannot obtain a traditional credit line with a financial institution.

However, another factor that strengthens the ties between peer-to-peer and small businesses is the investor’s ability to foster the growth of startups and technological advances through their investments.

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer as credit for expansion?

What are the benefits of peer-to-peer as credit for expansion?

We have already mentioned some benefits of this type of loan for entrepreneurs and now we will detail the main ones. Check-out!

Cheaper interest

The fact that there is no financial institution intermediating negotiations between the investor and the entrepreneur makes the rates much more attractive for both small companies and entrepreneurs.

To give you an idea, the rates can reach up to 150% per year in a traditional financial institution, according to the chosen line. In P2P, this rate varies between 1.5% to 5.5% per month.

Less bureaucracy

Financial institutions require a series of paperwork that, for smaller companies, ends up becoming a major complicator.

Thus, all this bureaucracy makes it impossible for the company to provide the guarantee of payment of the loan and the bank ends up not carrying out the transaction.

100% online transaction

In a P2P operation, the entire process is done via the Internet. Through a platform, entrepreneurs and investors are connected and close deals.

Through digital means, it is possible to search all the necessary information about both the investor and the entrepreneur, compare rates and do the whole process without leaving home.

How to hire a credit for expansion in peer-to-peer lending?

How to hire a credit for expansion in peer-to-peer lending?

To hire a P2P loan, it is very simple. Just register on a marketplace platform suited to the requirements of the Central Bank and the National Financial System, request the desired amount and wait for a proposal.

After negotiations are complete, the requested amount can be available in less than 15 days in your account.

What is a credit and tips to apply for it easily and quickly?

Amount of money that a financial institution lends with the commitment that it is paid together with an amount known as interest and within a certain term. A loan is useful for acquiring goods and services that cannot be paid in cash for not having the necessary amount at the time.

It is a financial solution that allows people to meet needs or unforeseen events, achieve goals, improve their quality of life or allow themselves likes such as going on vacation. If you choose and manage responsibly, it is the best option to have an amount of money that would otherwise be impossible.

Types of credit

Types of credit

There are different types of credits, designed for specific needs. The most common are:

  • To consumption. As a credit card, payroll credit and personal credit.
  • Mortgage
  • Business.
  • Automotive

Tips to apply for a loan

Tips to apply for a loan

As it is a decision of great importance, the following should be considered before making a credit application:

  1. Make calculations both to request the amount really necessary and to ensure that the credit can be paid without compromising personal economy.
  2. Provide 100% true data. This avoids possible inconsistencies that will result in a decline in the request.
  3. Review and ask the institution in question about the terms under which the loan will be granted, to be informed and convinced at the time of signing the contract.
  4. Once granted, use the money for what was initially requested, so that it is not spent on other things.

Lending company has credits for retirees and pensioners of IMSS, ISSSTE or IMSS workers, which are under the payroll modality, which implies that:

  • The applicant must have a payroll card.
  • No guarantee or guarantee is required.
  • The credit amount can be between $ 30,000 and up to $ 100,000.
  • It can be used for the purposes that the client decides.
  • Payment terms can be: 12, 18 or 24 months.
  • Approval subject to bureau consultation and evaluation of payment capacity.
  • Credits include accident and life insurance.

In addition to the following benefits:

  • Rate and fixed payments.
  • Automatic renewal after three months, if more money is required.

Call us to know all the details or leave us your details here and we will contact you.